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Justesen Ranch


Private Stillwater Fly Fishing


High Desert 

Trout Lakes

Located in North Central Oregon just to the east of Mt. Hood, Justesen Ranches is home to 15

pristine private lakes ranging in size from 2 to 20 acres.  Our ranch hosts some of the most exclusive and scenic fly fishing in the Pacific Northwest. 

In early spring, the lakes are easily fished by wading or from the shore, though fishing from a boat or float tube will allow you to access the most water, especially in late spring when the there is some weed growth in the shallows. Fishing on the lakes is strictly single barbless hook catch and release fly fishing only.

 Robust Rainbow Trout

The rainbow trout that live in our chain of lakes can exceed 20", and with prolific insect hatches all spring, there are plenty of opportunities to catch these vigorous rainbows on a dry fly. Our smaller lakes have some of the largest fish on the ranch. If you get an opportunity to fish the 2 acre Pig Pen lake, you will not be disappointed!

In order to keep our fish healthy, anglers are expected to handle them with the utmost care, use only soft rubber nets, and keep fish in the water while removing a fly. Trout fishing reservations are limited by lake temperatures.  The deeper lakes have a slightly longer season.


Exclusive Experience

To preserve the health of the fishery and the quality of your experience, we limit access to a handful of guests per day per lake depending on lake size. If you're traveling solo, with a partner, or in a group, we tailor your angling experience for you to have the as much water to yourself as possible. If you book a lake, it is yours for the day.


Ranch Lodging

For those who prefer a longer stay or a more immersive experience, we offer a variety of lodging options on the ranch, including this old historic granary.  Adjacent to two lakes, this little structure has been converted into a cozy fishing cabin and is a museum of ranch antiques.

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